Coach Mike - Speaker

Are you looking for a speaker for your next meeting or event?  Coach Mike is a business coach, speaker, and sports coach.  He has spoken to many groups and can offer several valuable and interesting topics.

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Business Topics

Having worked as both employee and employer in numerous settings, Coach Mike is a customer service expert.  Mike can show you how to increase customer retention, increase sales through public speaking, or just build a stronger team within your company.

  1. The Heart of Customer Service
  2. Networking in Your Community
  3. Building a Winning Team
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Sports Topics

Coach Mike has been coaching youth sports for over 40 years.  He has 14 years experience as a high school coach, 13 as a varsity head coach.  He has improved or exceeded expectations at every program he has coached.  More importantly, Coach Mike believes that the impact he has on his players comes before the win-loss record.  Mike has conducted workshops and has been a speaker at awards banquets and sports programs.

  1. Teach First, Win Later - the Value of Youth Sports
  2. How to Keep Score for Baseball and Softball (seminar/webinar)
  3. Coaching the Coaches (workshop)
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Why Choose Coach Mike?

Mike Davis is a high energy speaker who brings a combination of business and sports coaching experience along with a heart for customer service to your audience.  Your audience will hear a positive message with something of value that they can take with them and use in their lives.

The game ain't over until Coach Mike sings, and believe me, you don't want to hear Coach Mike sing.  Life is a journey not a destination.  Are you having a bad day today?  Then let's figure out how we will change that tomorrow.  Every day brings new opportunities to change our lives for the better.


Coach Mike will bring a message you won't forget.

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