I am a sports coach and a business/life coach.  I have been coaching youth sports up through the junior college level for many years.  I have also been self employed and I have been an employee.  Now I bring all of my education and experiences together to help you.

People respond to different coaches differently.  While one coach may be known as an exceptional coach some players and some people may not respond well to that coach.  That doesn’t mean they aren’t a good coach.  They are just not connecting with that person.

Likewise, a coach that is not so well known, may turn out to be an outstanding coach for you.  A friend of mine once said that we should change coaches often.  I don’t know about that but I do agree with him in that we can all learn from more than one coach.  Sometimes you may have to make a change if you are not seeing progress.  Other times, you may find that you can work with the same coach for a long time.

We are all different.

Hopefully I can be the coach that helps you.  Let’s have a conversation.

Coach Mike Davis

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