Coach Mike on the field

My Approach

I believe that everyone has been created by God for a purpose.  I believe that everyone has the opportunity for success.  But we've all been blessed with different gifts, different skills.  While there are different levels of success, and different paths to get there, it is very difficult for anyone to succeed on their own.
Every great team has a coach.  Every player responds differently to different coaches.  Whether in sports or in business, the secret is finding the right coach for you.

My Story

In my youth, I was smart.  As a matter of fact, I was too smart, too smart for my own good.  As with many families, everyone had advice on what I should do.  I was never a "rebel" so to speak.  I was told I was very good in math and science so I should be an engineer.  You usually weren't encouraged to be a coach or a journalist, for example.

Over the years, with many ups and downs, my entrepreneurial spirit came about.  I found out that I was good at two things in particular:  coaching youth sports, and helping others.

So today, I help others through business coaching at, and I share my business and life experiences as a speaker.  As you may have guessed, there's a lot more to my story.  Fill out the contact form and let's have a conversation.  Perhaps my experience will help someone in your group succeed.


Coach Mike delivering a point at his recent 90 minutes to work your 30 seconds seminar.

The Next Step...

Click the button to the right.  Let me know what I can do for your group.  Do you need an Emcee for an upcoming event?  Maybe you are looking for a speaker to liven up the crowd at your fundraiser, or to motivate young people.  I look forward to meeting you.