Coaching the Coaches!

I am introducing a new webinar and workshop, “Coaching the Coaches.”

This is primarily for new coaches but can also be a good review for the experienced coach too.
Geared to recreational volunteer coaches, high school and middle school coaches.

This program is not about strategy but there will be networking opportunities at the live workshops.
This program will help you become a better coach by passing on the experience that I and other coaches have gained over the years.  Through this program you avoid the pitfalls and struggles as well as learning a few tricks and tips to help you have better relationships with parents, your admin, and other coaches.

Locations, times, and costs will be announced soon.  If you would like to host a workshop for your school, district, or league, please contact me at (877)554-5952.  I look forward to working with coaches who are there to help our kids become better student-athletes.

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