The Coach’s Memo – Slow Down

This Coach’s Memo was originally broadcast on May 7th, 2018


Slow down, you move to fast, you’ve got to make the mornin’ last….. sounds like cool lyrics for a song. Oh, that’s right, those are the lyrics of a very popular song sung by Simon and Garfunkel.

What did Simon and Garfunkel know in 1966 that we need to know today? Perhaps they didn’t know anything technical, but their message has profound implications for you and me. It is not a new idea that young people always seem to relate slowing down to old people. I know we did when I was “young.” Slowing down, contemplation, and careful thought have often been related to wisdom. And wisdom has usually been related to “older people.” Remember one of those driver’s education films they used to show us in class with the older couple driving on a mountain road, way to slow, and the drivers in a big hurry to get around them? In today’s Coach’s Memo, I am here to tell you that slowing down might be the best way for you to improve your life today.

You might not be surprised to hear that psychologists have discovered a new disease, called “Hurry Sickness.” Do you have “Hurry Sickness?” While I often laugh at the number of things we have declared “diseases” these days, perhaps this one needs to be considered a little more seriously. It has more far-reaching implications than just driving. Constantly being in a hurry can accelerate stress levels, which of course, can cause a whole list of maladies affecting your heart, blood pressure, irritability, and more.

Over the years I owned 2 different sports cars, and one sort of “fake” sports car. I used to drive fast, although, unlike today, I don’t think I drove recklessly like many we see today. Although I must admit, every now and then I consider, what if? What if something when wrong when I was driving 100 mph? Even though I was on the open road, I could have been killed. Fortunately for me nothing ever did. Now that I am driving a pickup truck, I don’t drive so slow, but I definitely am not in a hurry very often. So here are a few things to consider that might lead you to slowing down just a bit.

1. Driving – the obvious one. But slowing down not only reduces your risk of a serious accident, but it also save gas, puts less wear and tear on brakes and tires (which saves money). But believe it or not, I have found myself much more relaxed (read less stressed out) simply by slowing down. Try it.

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2. Business – How many times have you made a business decision, perhaps under pressures of either time, or a pushy sales person, then later, almost immediately, wishing you had not made that decision so rapidly? Even before we know for sure if it was a good decision or not, perhaps we remembered something that would have changed our mind if we had stopped and thought about it first.

3. Relationships – This is two-fold. The first obviously doesn’t need much explanation. We all know of those stories when someone we know, maybe even ourselves, have rushed into a relationship, or rushed OUT of a relationship. But not only that, how much damage is done TO our relationships if we are always in a hurry, always stressed out, always feeling we have to push, push, push to do things?

Anyway, if you’re under 30 and the name Simon and Garfunkel don’t mean much to you, here’s the link to their tune. Check out the articles about slowing down. It can save your life, whether personal or business, in more ways that one.Have a blessed week.

Coach Mike


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